August 25, 2015

daily journal entry 2 ♡ boy crushes

im in this awkward position where i dont know if i have a crush or not. has anyone else struggled with this? (and im seriously hoping that no one from school finds my blog, that would be embarrassing). anyways, even though boys aren't my main priority, its still fun to have crushes and such.

today was like any other day: school.
i went to all of my periods (9) my brain is literally so fried because of so much reading (which i should be use to because i read novels so much) but since i am forced to read, its not as fun and more of a chore. im home now watching steven universe on cartoon network, getting ready to start my homework (so much homework omg) and just decided i would right today's journal entry. ok guys, i swear these will get more interesting as the year progresses because beginnings of school are so boring and uneventful.

so my best friend is catching on that i kinda, sorta, might like someone. shes so smart. idk what she might do but she said shes going to text him about it (ughhhhh no). 

some last notes:
+ i updated the following pages on my blog so you guys should go check them out - blogs, feminismabout me and also my contact page (sorry if you guys weren't able to contact me)

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xo, azia

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