April 3, 2015

one-hundred and one things to do when you're bored

hi guys! it's kat :) I was inspired by another blogger to do a post like this. so let's gooooo!!!
101 things to do when
1. run around the block
2. read a book
3. paint your nails
4. organize/clean your room
5. cook something new
6. write blog post
7. listen to music
8. pick out outfits for the week
9. listen to new artist
10. go on tumblr
11. google "art photography tumblr" and browse
12. try a new hairstyle
13. make a photo collage
14. drink tea
15. go for a walk
16. listen to my spotify playlist
17. find blogger friends
18. do homework
19. browse on polyvore.com
20. write a song
21. write a poem
22. listen to lana del rey
23. organize your makeup
24. research feminism
25. make your own art
26. learn a new song
27. play an instrument
28. do ab workouts
29. do leg workouts
30. do butt workouts
31. do arm workouts
32. make a recipe book
33. review books on goodreads
34. read stories on wattpad
35. apply for jobs
36. check out the starbucks secret menu
37. raid your own closet
38. sell old clothes
39. watch tv
40. catch up on shows
41. hulu and netflix r great!!!
42. watch youtube videos
43. ride your bike
44. research a topic
45. study
46. check out blogs
47. read inspirational quotes
48. read sad quotes
49. browse instagram explore
50. check out trending tweets
51. make a blog
52. make a website
53. go shopping
54. make a lip scrub
55. make your own lipstick
56. clean up your eyebrows
57. watch a movie
58. practice a sport
59. do cartwheels outside
60. go swimming
61. hang out with friends
62. cut up old clothes
63. plan out your future
64. order books
65. get books from the library
66. fix something
67. text friends
68. send inspirational text
69. sing
70. dance
71. play just dance
72. play video games
73. make a facial mask
74. have a spa day
75. make a starbucks drink
76. improve your cursive
77. bake somethings
78. browse urban dictionary
79. learn new words
80. learn html and css coding
81. brainstorm
82. write a short story
83. write a novel
84. paint yourself
85. take pictures
86. browse a different era of music
87. browse a different era of art
88. browse a different genre of music
89. do chores
90. go thrift shopping
91. open an etsy shop
92. hang christmas lights
93. write letters
94. raid your refrigerator
95. call a radio station
96. enter giveaways
97. wash clothes
98. paint your room
99. make jewelry
100. play on your phone
101. make a list like this one :))

wow this was such a challenge ya know??? it was so fun though so make your own and leave me a link to check it out!!! these are some of the things i do when im bored tbh.


  1. cool post, lots of good ideas here!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. That's a great idea for a post! I do a lot of those things when I'm bored too. Especially the ones involving music and browsing the internet. :)

  3. Great list, I always paint my nails when I am bored haha :P


  4. Hahaha, '24. research feminism.' I do that everyday! And I wish more people *ahem*guys*ahem* would do it more...

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  5. YAAAASSSSS NUMBER 10 !!!!!! Great post x



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