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hi, im azia and welcome to my spot on the internet.
i am an active feminist, and I love to cook.
my blog is a lifestyle blog with little bits of fitness, poetry, inspiration, feminism + more!
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im currently a freshman sophomore in high school. i graduated 8th grade on may 27th 2014. some things i love are:  blogging, drinking hot tea, writing poetry, staying up late, punk rock/alternative/indie music, working out, and staying up on the latest fashion trends. you'll learn a lot more about me by reading my post.

im always on social media. if im not on my blog, outside, or working out, im probably on instagram, twitter, and tumblr. i literally get on those every single day lol. i would love to stay in touch with all my readers and answer any questions that you have for me on my social media.

i just want you guys to know that I love all of you. every single one of you. without you i wouldn't be here. that means so much to me. just THANK YOU!

Q. how old are you?
A. fifteen

Q. why did you start blogging?
A. i wanted to find a outlet to let go of all of my feelings, a figured a blog would be mine and i could customize it however i wanted while sharing somewhat helpful information with my readers.

Q. where do you live?
A. oh, usa

Q. how long is your hair?
A. about twenty inches

Q. What ethnicity are you?
A. i'm african american w/ a pinch of panamanian.

Q. what's your hair color?
A. Dark brown w/ light brown ends. Black

this is updated frequently.

thanks for stopping by this page, have fun browsing the rest of my blog!


  1. You look totally your blog. :)
    And, hey, I'm so sorry about the warm hugs tag thing - I didn't know...but then I went and found an image off someone else's blog that had your copyright on and used that instead.

    1. Thanks Tane! And it's totally fine. Thank you for adding the copyright banner.
      Stay in touch?

  2. I love your blog! Your about page has smashed mine to bits:( You sound awesome!
    (Almost) Completely Mad

  3. I love your blog! I also live on the east coast!

  4. Hey! I wanted to check out your blog after seeing your comment:) It's so cute! Did you design it? Following for sure!


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