August 24, 2015

daily journal entry 1 ♡ school, school, school.

so basically i woke up today (yayyyyyy!!!) and realized i woke up 30 minutes late (ughhhhhh). as i rushed out of the house i remember i had 2 map tests today basically test that see how much you improved from the beginning of the school year to the end.

i went to my first period, which was study hall. and read basically for an hour from my public speaking textbook. next, i went to my honors enlglish class and took a map test (that i didn't even finish), and left. and then, *drum roll please* I HAD ANOTHER STUDY HALL! now you guys may be wondering why i have so many study halls, idk if you remember me telling you i go to an early college, so basically the college i go to, classes haven't started yet. BUT my highschool classes have, so i go to school take my highshool classes and whatever college class i have, i just go to study hall until those classes begin (august 31.).

anywho, after 3rd period i went to my 4/5 period which is lunch (a.k.a my fave time of the day). after lunch i have ugly honors american history, all we did was take notes, which was very boring of course. after that, i went to honors biology, we had to review stuff from years ago so it was pretty chill, and lastly, period 9, i had geometry, which i had another map test in (which i actually scored really high on, i dont even know how).

and now im at home, procrastinating doing homework i love my life!


  1. Hello Azia and thank you so dearly for your sweet visit to my blog today...always a joy to make a new friend...{{smiles}}
    I wanted to reply to you via email, but I saw that you were a 'no-reply' blogger, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello myself!
    You do have a gorgeous design, dear.... And I love how you said you love your life...oh, that is so wonderful! I, too, am so very thankful for this beautiful life I have been blessed with! I praise the Lord for His daily blessings!
    So lovely to meet you...I do hope you will pop by again soon! {{Smiles}}
    Blessings and joy to you...hugs!

  2. This is a really nice post, I myself am from Britain therefore schooling is a little different so it's nice to read about how school in a different country. Just followed :) x

    Floral Diem |

  3. Beautiful look <3 Love the necklace! You have a new follower :) xx

  4. Wow sounds tiring! Procrastinating homework is always the way forward ^_- x


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