October 24, 2014

change is to come

change is needed everywhere. sometimes people get tired of the same things.
by saying that, im trying to tell you that my blog will undergo changes in post.

Don't expect:

Do expect;
short stories,
journal entries,
book reviews,
monthly faves,
motivational monday,

so basically I'm sorta shifting my blog into writing and reading, instead of beauty and fashion. I hope you guys don't mind. I'm just experimenting with different methods. You'll start to see this change sometime in the week of  October 27th 2014.

also, expect a new bloglovin' to be made. I'll post the link once everything is settled.
(click here)

last thing to note is that my graphics are back open. I am now emailing people who requested them before and have not received a graphic. All of my graphics are free so just stop by my graphics blog.

xo, azia

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