December 19, 2015

how to boost your self confidence ☄

how to boost your self confidence!
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sooooo, i know a lot of people, including myself struggle with self confidence. you're not alone...everyone at some point in their life, struggles with self confidence! and today i will be sharing some tips on how to boost your self confidence! now by self confidence, i don't necessarily only mean body image, (i'll do a separate post on how to boost body positivity), i mean the confidence you have in yourself to do a certain thing or feel a certain way.
google defines it as: self-con·fi·dence (noun)

a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

so what are the ways to boost this you ask???

1. build off of your mistakes - we all make mistakes in our lifetime, we are human, but you have to learn how to build off of those mistakes and learn from them. this will not only boost your self confidence, but make you a better person overall.

2. have a positive outlook on life - if you sit around mopping around about how bad your life is and how bad life is in general, you're going to have a bad vibe and aura. to avoid this, have a positive outlook on life and be super optimistic. 

3. don't be afraid to fail - a lot of people don't pursue a certain thing because fear of failure, this really plummets ones self confidence. so, if there is something that you want to do, do it!

4. don't let others determine your self confidence - sometimes, people like to tell you who you are. don't let this happen. it's called SELF confidence because it is the confidence that you give yourself, not the confidence that others give you. by letting another person determine this in your life, it really takes a toll on your self confidence. 

i hope that these tips really helped you ;3 
i know when i struggle with self confidence, these are the thing i think of.
thanks for reading!

xo, azia


  1. Great post and great blog :) really like what you have to say :)

  2. Really love this post! The 4th point is especially important, so many people allow others to dictate their self confidence and try to be what others want them to be (I often fall victim to this mistake myself)


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