December 17, 2015

daily journal 6 // my first day of winter break!

well today is december 17th 2015, and that means that my winter break has officially started! in this post ill just be telling you about what i've done today so far! (it's currently 2pm)
sooo, i woke up around 9:30am which was super sweet because i usually wake up around 6:30am for school. and after that i got washed up and put some comfy clothes on, then started applying for jobs. if you guys didn't know, my birthday was on december 10th so i'm officially 16 years old. meaning that in my state, i can get a job! so yeah, after applying to so many jobs, i'm just chilling cleaning up my spotify playlists and listening to new music! that's always fun. 
it feels so good to be out of school for 3 weeks, even though i miss all of my friends, i do NOT miss the work load and the walking.

xo, azia

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