September 28, 2015 petitions that i think you should sign

so if you guys haven't heard about its basically a website that millions of people use daily to create petitions about changes that they think should occur. famous celebrities and activist also use this to make petitions. also, you can sign petitions on here, its pretty cool because its like your making a change to whatever you think is right. i'm a feminist so of course a lot petitions that i sign go with women's rights and such but also i sign petitions just for the well being of our world.

so today, ill be sharing with you some petitions from that you should consider signing :)

1. fund 12 years of education for girls around the world - this is a petition created by malala yousafzai
preview: there are over 60 million of our sisters around the world who share a thirst for education, yet do not have the opportunity to go to school or who have to drop out too soon. together we can change that. 
2. president obama - create a national park for stonewall (recognize LGBT history) - this petition is created by the national parks conservation association
preview: two-thirds of america’s more than 400 national park sites are dedicated to cultural and historic significance. these are places where people lived, ideas were born and history was made. stonewall in new york city played a pivotal role in our nation’s continuing struggle for equal rights for all americans.  and it deserves protection. we are calling for a national park for stonewall, which would be the first dedicated to LGBT history.

3. don’t force survivors of sexual assault to go to the police - this petition is created by Jillian Murray and Know Your IX
preview: when i was sexually assaulted by a classmate during my first year in college, i thought that reporting to the police would help me feel safer. but the police told me that if i tried to press charges against my assailant, my traumatic experience would be made public -- so i decided to wait. i wasn’t ready for my friends and family to know what had happened to me. i tried to press charges again a year later, and had to go through many grueling interviews before the police told me that they no longer believed my story. after everything, i was forced to continue attending school with the person who had assaulted me.

4. help the women and girls from my home town who have been kidnapped by ISIS - this petition is created by Feryal Pirali and Yazda, a Global Yazidi Organization
preview: my name is Feryal. i live in lincoln, nebraska, but i grew up in a small town in iraq called sinjar. last august, ISIS kidnapped thousands of women and girls from my hometown. for a year, ISIS has tortured and raped them. many are teenagers just like me. please urge president obama to help save 3,200 women and children from my community -- some as young as 11 -- who were captured by ISIS, and have been raped and tortured for the past year.

xo, azia

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