August 26, 2015

daily journal entry 3 ♡ what's my motivation

what is my motivation?
how do i keep myself going everyday?
what keeps me from giving up?

these questions raced through my head today.

today, i thought about everything that motivated me to be as successful as i could, mentally and physically. some days, seriously, i just feel like giving up. i feel like i'll never have my dream body, that i'll never be done with school, that i'll never be as smart as i could potentially be. but i don't want to talk about the negatives. i want to talk about 3 positive motivation tips that always keeps me going.
my music is seriously everything, my music shows other who i am and is also my way of coping with everyday struggles. when i don't feel like reading those last 50 pages of the chapter, i take a break, put on my spotify playlist, and just listen for a while. it calms me down and helps me deal with stress.

for some reason looking at art pieces, calms my mind as well. something so aesthetically pleasing, makes my mind go at ease. i usually go on tumblr or pinterest to view art, my tumblr blog says a lot about my aesthetic. 

thinking of my future definitely helps me stay motivated. knowing that some day i will be successful if i just go through this hardship now, makes me want to focuse and succeed more than ever.

xo, azia

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