January 1, 2015

fit and fab

So, I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. And since a new year is beginning, I really want to take action and stay consistent.

I want to be fit & healthy, And no, I'm not saying that I'm overweight & unhealthy, I'm just saying I want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Where do I begin?

So, by leading a healthier lifestyle, I'll have to eat right. I'll have to cut back on my sugar intake and eat the "right" fats. Also I'll have to make sure I'm getting all of my calories and nutrients for the day. The key to this is to resist your urges. Because omg guys....You don't know how many times a day I just want to scarf down a piece of cake. But I have to resist that urge of junk food.

Right now I'm currently obsessed with doing Blogilates. Like Cassey is amazing and she makes my body so sore! So my plan is to workout 5 days out of the week, Monday-Friday. Then let my body rest on the weekends. Another thing I'm doing are these "challenges". Basically they're like the "flat abs challenge", "squats challenge", "planks challenge", and so on. I guess they're suppose to make you see results by the end of the month. And I'll start these today (Jan. 1st). HAPPY NEW YEARS BTW!

Sooooooo the hard part. Yeah everyone says they want to change at the start of a new year. But most of us change for like the first couple of weeks, then were back to our old habit. Am I right?!? So another one of my goals is to stay consistent with this. 

Okay I have 3 motivation thingy's to share with you all. First of all, I have a fitspo (fitness+inspiration=fitspo) instagram account! The name is @fab.fitspo (click here to view it). Also I just started using this app called PumpUp. It's kind of link a fitness instagram. Everyone on there is so supportive and nice. I just love posting my progress on there. Also i'll be doing fitspo on this blog as well. And posting more about fitness. Maybe I can motivate you guys to get fit and fab with me!

I hope this post motivated you in any way! ILY guys! 

xo, azia

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  1. Good luck! Sounds like some great goals:) I'm also planning on being healthier this year. I was thinking of trying out challenges as well as my runs.
    Happy New Year!


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