November 29, 2015

update: school + christmas!

the last time i made a post was halloween time, which was a month ago :/
anyways, more post should be coming since exam week is soon, which means christmas break is soon! and my christmas break is three weeks so that means three weeks of blogging. hopefully.

school has been kicking my butt tbh, but ive been able to maintain my GPA.
for the first grading period i had a 4.3, idek how, but yep. and now im close to ending the second grading period with all As.
wish me luck!

i always have a christmas countdown in the sidebar of my blog, if you guys were wondering. so as of today, we have 3 weeks and 5 days until christmas. soooooo, my christmas wishlist should be up very soon, maybe even today.

xo, azia

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