March 26, 2015

poetry: wanderlust

Written on March 26, 2015.
a human being is made up of so many things
no not organs, lungs, or a heart
but of buildings and towns and sidewalks

all of the small towns you've driven by
the small parking lots you've crossed
those intricate doorways you've passed through

they make you who you are
those wanderlust feelings are what makes you
they make up you as a being

imagine all the places you've been
they are now black and white
for the beauty is lost but not the soul

now imagine where you are going
colorful and vibrant
for the beauty is not yet to be seen

you are not your looks or even your personality
you are the art that you love, the places you have gone
you are an open mind of wonderful things

xo, azia

1 comment:

  1. this is so sweet! my favourite stanzas are probably the first, the second, and the last. the last few lines are so reassuring. keep it up!

    - cia @


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